Primaries for Town Council

April 2nd, 2014

Township now under partisan primary process


The local Democratic Party as well as the Burlington County Democrats have endorsed Brian Grant and Jules Thiessen. The hacker kid Tim Young that works at 7-11 and didn’t graduate high school is running as well.


Placeholder candidates Patricia Cauley and Janet DiFolco filed petitions. The local republican committee will reorganize after the primary and select two candidates to run for office.

Tim Young aka “real truth of Mt Holly”

March 17th, 2014

Hacker School Board Member is running for office

He is the person that hacked our Facebook site causing us to start a new one, he got elected to the school board despite lacking any real world experience and dropping out of high school. Now he wants you to vote for him for Town Council.

Lets see how far he gets without the support of local democrats since he disregarded their selection process. We predicted at the beginning of the year he would run. I guess hes been saving up his 7-11 slurpee money to finance a campaign.

Dow resigns

January 11th, 2014

Cowardly to do it through the press

BCT story

And hopefully this will be the last post ever about I’M THE MAYOR DOW.

2013 Year in review

December 31st, 2013

Many changes from the new administration, Gardens lawsuit settled, Dow’s ego explodes.

We saw a new administration make the first significant changes in our town in over 25 years. When Rich DiFolco, Jason Jones and Lew Brown were sworn-in we knew change was coming. The first act of the year and probably their biggest regret was making Rich Dow the Mayor. Within a month he became IM THE MAYOR DOW and like him being mayor the rest is history.

There are more successes then failures. With new attorneys appointed by Town Council the biggest success story of the year is the Gardens lawsuit finally being settled and a solution finally in sight. A new township manager was hired and municipal recreation programs have significantly improved. A couple police officers have been hired to help battle the crime rate and word is more are on the way.

Year end acknowledgements and awards

Elected official(s) of the year- The new Town Council that got the gardens deal done

Quote of the year- “BECAUSE IM THE MAYOR” -Rich Dow

Hacker of the year- School Board Member Tim Young who hacked this site and hijacked the FB page

Player of the Year- Dwyane Belton who swears hes gods gift to women, just ask the female bartenders at Ott’s.

Winner of the year-Rich DiFolco who will most likely become Mayor tomorrow

Loser of the year- Rich Dow- self explanatory

Hypocrite of the year- Tim Young who raised our taxes every year in office then complains about the UEZ buying a christmas tree for downtown.

Predictions for the new year-

Dywane Belton will run as a republican or independent candidate (or both because he always claim to be non-partisan)

Luiz Lopez runs for office again.

Belton and Dow serve their last year ever in any elected office. (may be shorter time for Dow)

Tim Young wastes more of our tax dollars filling OPRA requests costing us thousands in legal fees to accomplish nothing.

Tim Young loses in the primary when he runs for Town Council

The local republicans bring Brooke Tidswell off moth balls to run for Council now that it is partisan elections.

The special school referendum for school improvements gets shot down again

Kent Pipes pays taxes on his properties-  JUST KIDDING

And last but not least the infusion of small batch breweries in town are successful and thrive helping the town.


Dow still in hiding

December 17th, 2013

IM THE MAYOR DOW will spend his last two weeks as mayor hiding in shame. He’s been dodging everyone and claiming he is sick to avoid his punishment for “unethical behavior”.

Great story on Gardens by SCOTUS Blog

December 10th, 2013

SCOTUS Blog does a great recap of the Gardens story and the hardships of the residents.

Note the idiot lawyer Maley that made over a million dollars off the project.

CLICK HERE to see the slide show/story

Did Mayor Dow resign or just hiding?

December 3rd, 2013

Instead of taking responsibility for his actions IM THE MAYOR DOW took the cowardly way out.

Inquirer Story

Press coverage of pending Gardens Settlement

November 8th, 2013

As settlement nears 10+ years of mistakes and discrimination exposed

This one is a MUST READ for every resident of Mount Holly: MSNBC story


On a positive note its refreshing to see the new majority of Town Council kept their campaign promises from a year ago and found a solution to this disastrous project that every taxpayer in Mount Holly continues to pay for.

This may be the best I’M THE MAYOR DOW yet

November 8th, 2013

A double addition of ITMD this week.

I really wished someone would start getting these on video

At Wednesday nights special council meeting Mayor Dow did what he did best, let people know that I’M THE MAYOR. This time it pulled out his classic line before the meeting even started.

Shortly before the meeting Wednesday night Rich Dow attempted to enter the front door at Holbein School only to find it locked. Running late for the meeting he became agitated and started banging on the door and yelling. You guessed it, his classic rant of “I’M THE MAYOR let me in” and “You better let me in.” Once let in the door by the police officer apparently he was very rude to the officer and expressed his disbelief that the door was not open for “The Mayor”.

Then after a meeting in which nothing really happened an angry resident Paul Bracy (who we all know is nuts) began to shout at Rich Dow. Mr. Dow’s response was classic: “Do you know who you’re talking to? I’m the Mayor you don’t talk to me that way”

You just cant make this stuff up. SMH

School Board and referendum election results

November 7th, 2013

Referendum to switch to partisan elections passes overwhelmingly

Eckart wins big on school ballot

The people of Mount Holly for the second time in three years voted to change the way local elections are conducted. First in 2011 by moving elections from May to November and this year by voting to change to a partisan primary system. The vote to change to partisan was by a 2-1 margin.

Lee Eckart won at the polls by a wide margin and Board President Skip Reale squeaked out a victory retaining his seat. He bested newcomer Chris Banks and well know Luis Lopez.